Safe travel destinations during COVID-19

The most important thing right now in whole wide word is to wear a mask, stay safe, wash hands and protect each others.

Although all of us want to get back to usual routines and of course traveling, there are still concerns that cross our minds whether is safe to travel, to stay in hotels, rentals, travel by plane, by bus, etc.

The answer depends of many variables. Most important thing I am going to repeat again is to wear a mask, wash hands and of course maintain distance.

(sure it would be great if we could get a weekend getaway from 2020)

Is it safe to travel by plane?

Air travel continues to be one of the hardest-hit industries starting this year. As soon as the news of corona virus spread all around the globe, people started skipping and rescheduling trips to Asia and airlines begin to drastically cut flight to and from China. Within short time it became obvious that not just flights to China and Asia in general where on lower demand. As the virus spread around Europe and also America and Africa, air transport drastically started to see its falls because many people day by day started to avoid traveling, also avoid being in crowds as they could be in contact with someone who could be carrying the virus.

Is it safe to travel by plane or any other kind of transport is highly dictated by the passengers. We are suggesting you to take few steps to stay as much protected and protect people around you. Do not forget to disinfect! Always carry a disinfecting product with you and disinfect your hands and phone as much as you can (also do not forget to wash your hands). Wear a mask! One of the most important thing you can do during this pandemic to protect yourself and people around you is to wear a mask as it lowers the risk of getting infected by the virus. Stay in your seat! Virus may be circulating around the plane but you should not.

Airline companies are taking every possible measures to provide safe transport to the passengers!

You can read more here.


Is it safe to stay in a hotel?

We can surely say that the pandemic hit the travel industry on the hardest way possible. After months of closure, hotels are reopening all around the world, and taking measures necessary for protecting against the virus. However, with hundreds of guests from all around the globe potentially staying in the same hotel at once, it is normal to be concerned. Most hotels have increased their cleaning protocols and are now displaying branded ‘hygiene programs’ prominently on their websites. So, if you are worried if it is disinfected or not, do not worry, hotels are doing everything they can to keep their guests safe. During these times the most effective way of eliminating the risk of getting infected is just by staying home.

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We provide you a list of Safest Tourist Destinations marked from CDC as

- Brunei

- Fiji

- Greenland

- Saint Lucia

- Northern Mariana Islands

You can read more here and here.

Our website provides most amazing worth visiting travel destinations and we will continue to share with you relaxation topics. But since the current situation around the world is not in favor of traveling we suggest you to travel only if it is necessary. Do not worry, do not stress yourself, slowly but surely if respecting the measures everything will get back to normal and we could go back to travel and enjoy life as before. For now: do not forget to wear mask!

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