How to Boost Your Immune System to Minimize the Risk of Coronavirus Infection?

COVID – 19 or Coronavirus has been reported a worldwide virus outbreak by the WHO. And while governments are tackling the health risks that this epidemic brings to humanity, there are several significant aspects that people could implement to counter this spread of infectious disease.

It is very much essential to consider hygienic practices—washing and cleaning your hands and other exposed body parts on a regular interval. Mainly if you are using any public transportation system, then it is mandatory to clean your hands.

It is recommended to use an alcohol-based cleaning solution or sanitizer to clean hands. Make a habit of washing your face with clean water and wearing a good quality certified mask.

Apart from these external preventive measures, there are other methods to improve your internal body's immunity to minimize the risk of virus infection.

· Improve Your Diet and Its Quality

The nutrition you consume plays a vital role in deciding your optimal health and immune function. Consume low carbohydrate meals to help maintain excessive blood pressure levels and blood sugar.

A low-carb diet should help to reduce blood sugar levels and focus primarily on a protein-rich diet to keep you in perfect health. And enjoy eating fruits and vegetables high in beta carotene, ascorbic as well as other essential multivitamins.

Some food products such as mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and organic green leafy vegetables like spinach. These are effective ways to develop body immunity against infectious agents.

· Adequate Sleeping

The healthy sleep cycle duration of 7-8 hours is the perfect solution to assist your body to develop immunity. Insufficient sleep makes you exhausted and adversely affects your mental performance.

Inadequate sleep will prevent the body from recovering. And it will also hinder several body's metabolisms that could have a noticeable impact on the immune system. Insufficient sleep negatively affects the effectiveness of flu vaccination.

· Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep on drinking to 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep it refreshed and hydrated. Water helps clean the toxic substances out of the bloodstream and decreases the risk of infection.

There are other possible alternates too, which includes citrus fruits juices and fresh coconut water to reduce body temperature.

· Exercise Regularly

A regular workout can support a healthy diet. Try to eat healthily and exercise daily; sometimes, gentle exercise is taking positive steps to eliminate waste products from the body.

It is advised that you work out for 30 minutes to an hour, based on your capacity. Even if you've never taken to work out yet, it's an excellent idea to get initiated.

There are a variety of YouTube channels and applications available that can help you work out at home. Regular physical activity increases metabolic processes, which again is closely linked to the body's immune system.

· Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Intake

Some habits, such as drinking, smoking, liquor intake and drug-taking, include a strong link between decreased body defence mechanisms and cardiovascular illness.

Participating in cigarettes and other tobacco products has been found to decrease your cardiovascular ability. It kills the cells that make up the respiratory system, which is vital to the defence against virus infections that invade the respiratory ducts.

Latest analysis has shown that persons involved in excessive alcohol intake appear to struggle from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which is one of the disorders triggered by COVID 19 contamination. Discipline objectivity if you depend heavily on any of the above. Immediate isolation can, however, lead to dangerous situations.

· Some Other Immunity Boosting Techniques and Supplements

- Intake foods containing Vitamin C, which will help your body to fight against the common cold.

- Vitamin D Supplements will offer protective effects against respiratory infections.

- Consume Zinc-rich food for better formation of WBC or White Blood Corpuscles.

- Avoid sugar contained food and if need, replace it with jaggery.

- Apply Sesame oil, coconut oil or clarified butter to keep your nostrils clean.

- Steam inhalation including mint leaves and caraway seeds

- Increase garlic, coriander, cumin and turmeric intake

Final Words

Since this war against the COVID-19 global epidemic is being undertaken by our healthcare professionals and staffs. We should do our portion by minimizing our exposure to the viral infection by remaining indoors. Try maintaining social distances, eating possibly the best, drinking more water and adopting simplistic cleanliness protocols.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This post is only for informational purposes! If you have any concerns please contact medical care provider.

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