Eco way of Healthy Food - "Melem od vkusovi" (Flavor balm)

Take care of yourself and at the same time take care of the environment. "Melem od vkusovi" is a new, must visit place in Skopje, North Macedonia that offers delicious yet healthy food, with eco friendly packaging!

Here is a little introduction:

" Devote more time and attention to yourself and your mental and physical health through the food you consume. Enthusiastic and passionate STARTUP.

As a startup during the global Covid-19 pandemic, our mission is to increase the nutritional value of the food we produce, which is very important for the mental and physical health of our customers. Our products contain an assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables such as beans, millet, chickpeas, corn, quinoa, wheat, and lentils, which provide the needed energy and satiety to go through a demanding weekday. Instead of using up the morning hours in order to prepare a meal for work or school, our customers buy our healthy, delicious products and use that time to prepare for the day, engage in relaxing activities with their families, or partake in other activities to kick start their day. We decided on using glass jar for our products in order to increase their value and maintain their freshness longer. One of the main reasons for this jars is because they are reusable and recyclable. Furthermore, our customers can easily see through the glass packaging and visually inspect the contents of our healthy meals. We have created our own unique dressings for our salads, all of them containing only high-quality extra virgin olive oil, pure lemon, orange and pure organic honey  one more specific and unique is that our smoothies are made with our own kefir ( natural probiotic). All of this is done in order to ensure the quality and healthiness of our products and to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied.

So far, we have received very positive feedback from our customers. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance for our company and we are always open to improve the taste and quality of our salads, cereal, sandwiches, and smoothies.

During this six months we have create new products in order to get closer to our customers and their needs for healthy salads , oat meals and desserts .  

We believe that a fast and reliable delivery service is key to making sure that our customers are satisfied with our products, and so we are always working on improving our delivery service. As we care for the environment and air pollution, future of our planet, all of our products are delivered by bicycle. "

Lets' start making positive changes right away!

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