"Another day another Starbies!" 20 best Starbucks drinks are here!

Are you ready for the most delicious drinks you have ever tried?! We want to give you a list of Starbucks drinks that will please your soul and make you happy. This blog post is appreciation of a TikTok star annaxsitar, who we adore and makes our lives happier just by watching her videos. All drinks that we will provide here You can watch on her TikTok profile as we linked above. Thank you Anna! Your positivity brings so much joy!

Now everyone, take notes (or screenshots)!

  1. Holiday beverage: You should order a grande iced caramel brullee with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and ristretto shots.

  2. Snickerdoodle drink: You should order: iced soy caramel macchiato, upside down, 2 pumps vanilla syrup and 2 pumps cinnamon dolce syrup.

  3. Ordinary drink - Annas' favorite: You should order: grande iced chai with vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

  4. Christmasy-drink: Upside down chestnut, praline latte with oat milk and caramel drizzle. I can just feel the deliciousness.

  5. One more Christmasy-drink: Grande iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, peppermint syrup, *mocha drizzle and strawberry puree in the foam.

  6. Halloween drink: Ask for: grande iced pumpkin latte with extra caramel drizzle and cookie crumble.

  7. Non-caffeinate drink: Grande double chocolate chip cream frappuccino sub white mocha, with toffee nut syrup, extra cookie crumble, no whip, and heavy cream. This is perfection for me.

  8. The reddest drink: Get a pass-in-tego iced tea with strawberry base guava juice and an extra scoop of strawberries.

  9. A drink for celebrating/happy drink: Venti vanilla bean cream frap with sweet cream, a scoop of strawberry and a birthday cake pop!

  10. Get someone elses' delicious drink: Venti iced green tea latte with vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

  11. Abby - Anna drink: Grande iced cold brew with 2 pumps cinnamon dolce, 2 pumps hazelnut and pumpkin cream cold foam.

  12. Thankful drink: Venti iced white mocha with pumpkin cream cold foam, cinnamon dolce topping, praline topping , and caramel crunch.

  13. Strawberry acai: Venti strawberry acai refresher with pumpkin sweet cold foam on top.

  14. Mood booster drink: Vanilla sweet cream cold brew with caramel drizzle and vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

  15. Happiest drink: Grande iced chestnut praline with 1 pump of chai.

  16. Creative latte: Grande iced latte with salted cream cold foam, oat milk, chestnut praline syrup and 2 pumps of white chocolate*.

  17. Thanksgiving drink: Grande mocha frappuccino with heavy cream pumpkin topping, add whip, pumpkin sauce, and cinnamon dolce syrup.

  18. Iced chai latte, cinnamon dolce syrup and vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

  19. Simple drink: passionfruit tea with lemonade.

  20. Strawberry acai lemonade with half pineapple and half honey.

You can order any size you want but we do recommend Grande because everything on this list is extremely delicious!

More drinks and "Wooooa" happy reaction, You can see on Anna's TikTok.

Stay safe, wear a mask and enjoy!

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